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Refined Reporting Resource was founded in 2023 as a result of identifying a pain point and the desire to provide a solution.

With over 20 years’ of payroll/accounting experience I was hired by a Public Agency with CalPERS/PEPRA retirement plans.  I know the pain points first-hand and the complexities of formulas for various eligible earnings.  As you know, the standard procedure for most companies would be to pull the previous reporting period from myCalPERS.com (using the “copy prior period” option),  manually comparing previously reported data with new pay data using spreadsheets to find the errors and issues needing resolution. Various issues that must be resolved individually often include, (but are not limited to) new hire dates, termination dates, pay rate changes, prior period adjustments, validation of eligible earnings, EPMC additional earnings, bonus pay, etc.   Time is valuable for Payroll and Human Resource Teams and finding the right tool is essential.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I researched, located and presented this impressive solution to the Agency, which immediately reduced my own CalPERS reporting task from 8-10 business days down to 1-2 business days each pay cycle, (with over 3000 employees).  The integrated data is refined through Insight e-Tools and imports easily and quickly to the appropriate fields in myCalPERS. This allows the user to run the Errors and/or Warnings reports from CalPERS website to see exactly which participant needs edits in just minutes.  No more spreadsheets or V-lookups.  I've personally used insight e-Tools with ADP WorkforceNow for over 5 years which allowed me to grow professionally. I began to assist with CalPERS Annual audits, Managed Arrears notifications, (including research/resolutions and Arrears payments), managed Service Credit Requests for employees, maintained and responded to Employer Verifications, historical data retrieval/reconciliation for misclassified adjustments, and more.  

My motivation is to help other Municipalities and Public Agencies reduce workload and processing time while increasing productivity on other vital payroll tasks.  This also gives peace of mind for those who are responsible for timely and accurate CalPERS reporting.  I’ve partnered with Insight e-Tools to share this value-added solution to help other Payroll and Human Resource Teams to also complete this task with ease.

About Our Solution Partner

Insight e-Tools was developed in 1997 to provide industry solutions that allow businesses to gain immediate insight from their payroll and HR data. As a Preferred Reporting Partner to ADP, Insight e-Tools is a hosted, web-based data access and automatic report generating system that extended the functionality of ADP PC Payroll and Pay expert reporting for niche vertical solutions. That service offering has been extended to support ADP WorkforceNow. Thousands of companies across North America are using Insight e-Tools to generate instant customized reports and replace paper payroll reports with online distribution of data. Insight e-Tools imports data from multiple sources through a data exchange file directly from ADP. Then Insight e-Tools consolidates and cleans the raw data to create whatever customized output is required.

Quick Facts

Ownership: Annie Camarena , President and CEO
Service Areas: California
Headquarters: Chino, California

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We take storage of your sensitive data seriously.
Our Partner Insight e-Tools is SOC 2 Type II compliant and audited yearly.


Our employees have years of dedicated work with and for municipalities and as a result have a deep understanding of the pain.


Insight e-Tools has been a certified ADP partner since 2010.

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